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Are you interested in learning innovation, using digital tools to enhance learning, transition through educational stages, networking or kindness? If so, I’d love to hear from you.I work for Kaplan International Pathways. We prepare international students for success at UK universities. I am the Director of Innovative Student Learning.I head up the Centre for Learning Innovation and Quality (CLIQ), a team of educational experts providing leadership and support in Kaplan International Pathways in learning innovation, academic development, quality assurance, and partnership development. Evidence-based, we work closely with staff in ten colleges in the UK. Pathways is part of Kaplan Inc., a global diverse education business.

My doctoral studies at The University of Nottingham explored the experiences of young people on programmes to prepare them for work, and who were transitioning between school and further education. I’m really interested in how adults learn and how individuals and institutions can best support learners to reach their potential.Recent work has involved greater use of active learning approaches and helping students apply their learning. I am also keen on ensuring students build and make use of their networks for future career success.I am working closely with the Kindness Factory to bring the Kindness Curriculum to schools and universities in the UK.


I've recently had the chance to share my thoughts here:

  • Chapter in Betts, T. and Oprandi, P. (Eds.). (2022). 100 ideas for active learning. ALN and University of Sussex Library. 2b: International Pathways students: Applied Learning Weeks build networks

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  • Wilson-Crane, V. and Ronney, E. (2022) Promoting Positive Pedagogy Through Kindness Curriculum Innovations. RIDE 2022 Accelerating Innovation: People, Pedagogy and Practice 2022. 15-17 June, London.

  • Wilson-Crane, V. and Kwan, S. (2022) Promoting Positive Pre-Arrival for Pathways. InForm Journal Issue 21: Student Support and Experience: In and Outside the Classroom. pp 30-31 link

  • Dale, D. and Wilson-Crane, V. (2022) International Pathways Students as Members of Professional Networking Organisations. Advance HE Case Study Series following 2021 Employability Symposium incl. blog post.

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  • Wilson-Crane, V. (2021) Your Path, Your Way to Successful Networking: Building Strong Connections for Your Future Career. Learn the New Way to Grow Your Business and Gain more Customers, by Writing a Book. Leicester Business Festival Conference. 15 November, online.

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  • Wilson-Crane, V. (2021) Pre-course Preview Promotes Pathways Programme Promises. SEDA Transitions Special Interest Group. 10 March, online.


Coming up:

  • Chapter in SEDA/Routledge publication on Pre-Arrival Platforms (forthcoming)

  • Chapter in Loer Hansen, S. and Daniels, K. Enabling the Employability of University Graduates (forthcoming)

Professional Development

I am passionate about my own professional development. I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Senior Fellow of the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA). I am a Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) have begun assessing the work of other candidates. I participate in ALT Assembly activities.I was recently appointed as the SEDA Fellowship CPD Framework Co-ordinator and I'm responsible for helping others in the academic development community to gain SEDA Fellowship recognition for their work.  If you're interested in this for you or a colleague, I'd love to hear from you.


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